Waste Free Lunches

Jess Sinclair
Bethel Christian School

As part of becoming a healthier school we are starting Waste Free Wednesdays as part of our war on waste.

This not only reduces our waste, it also naturally encourages our students to bring healthier food. A lot of the naturally healthier foods have their own 'wrappers' such as fruit and veg or are made at home such as muffins or home made museli bars.

Classes will be competing against each other over the term to see which class can bring the most waste free lunches. Teachers will record the number of students each Wednesday and students who are bringing waste free lunches will also go into a prize raffle.

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James (Your Move)

The extra physical activity that kids get through active transport requires them to re-energise, so it's great to see you promoting these waste free lunches too for the other side of the equation!

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