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Sandy Pascoe

Wet weather won’t stop us at Bibra Lake

Even with the wet weather on the first week back to school, I was so impressed to see so many children putting on a rain coat or grabbing an umbrella and making the journey to school. It is such a blessing to be located in such a beautiful suburb. Keep up the good work kids and remember. It is always safer to walk with your friends so encourage you mate to walk with you.

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Sandy Pascoe



We celebrate National 'Bullying No Way!' day on Friday March 18.  All children will receive a bracelet and a palm card with suggestions of how each child can manage bullying issues while at school.

We know that Bullying is alive and well on the TV and in out community but we will not tolerate bullying in our school!

Classes will work together on Friday to build teams of learners and to solve problems.  Our 'Planet Warriors' and 'Sustainability Kids' will be involved in supporting students to sign a pledge, as the students 'Take a Stand Together' against Bullying!

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Sandy Pascoe

Badge Ceremony

Our first Sustainability breakfast meeting will be held this Thursday morning at 8am.  The 'Planet Warriors' - Year 6 Sustainability Leaders,' will be presented with their senior badges, this will be a special morning for all of them.  To wear a Sustainability badge and to be asked to lead such a large team of younger Sustainability students; is considered an honour at Bibra Lake Primary School.

Two Scientists, Chris Thomson and Rebecca Whitney, (parents of students in our school) will present the badges during a formal ceremony.  During this ceremony, each of the students will be encouraged to renew their pledge- their personal commitment to support the environment and the Planet in the work they undertake for 2016.

A ceremony for junior students joining Sustainability for the first time will be held during the next school assembly on March 23

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Sandy Pascoe

Low Carbon Schools' Program

Bibra Lake Primary School has become a member of the 'Low Carbon Schools' Program'.  We are one of the two fully funded schools generously funded by the Cockburn Council.  The kind grant of $5000.00 to the school has enabled our school to join with the original 10 Fremantle schools already signed with 'Simply Carbon '; making the number of Fremantle schools 12.

The 'Planet Warriors', out Sustainability leaders will play a big role as a part of this program.  They will be involved in the collection of data throughout the school.  This data will be vital in keeping the committee 'on track' throughout the program process.  We are hoping that the school will be able to generate savings in order to provide some well needed extras for the teaching staff and student body.

The 'Low Carbon' program sits comfortably with our school and the many things our Sustainability leaders are asked to do.  Their role is both complex and 'all encompassing'.  However we find our 'Planet Warriors' are always excited when approached to 'take-on' another level of responsibility.


Sandy Pascoe,

Deputy Principal, Science and Sustainability Teacher

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Sandy Pascoe

Ride And Walk To School Day Results

The results of Ride and Walk to School Day have come in and we could not be prouder of the parents and children that made this years day so successful.

156 children rode to school

140 children walked

2 children came in a train

10 children were absent

12 children arrived by car.

It is a truly sensational result.

Thank you to all that participated

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Sandy Pascoe


It was an amazing day with the children arriving at school with their parents this morning. The 'Planet Warriors' were at the main gates and entrances to the school with stickers, oranges and directions for the younger children and their parents.
Many of the children decorated their bikes and these were superbly done. Both children and parents were so supportive of the day.
We are expecting great results because of the three weeks of practice leading up to the day.

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Sandy Pascoe


Bibra Lake Primary School is pleased to present our 'Planet Warriors'. These fantastic year 6 Sustainability leaders have been responsible for encouraging the younger children in the school to get 'on board' over the three weeks leading up to the big day on March 4. We look forward to having everyone 'Ride, Walk and Scooter'. We are looking forward to seeing the wonderful way the children decorate their bikes.

I hope all other schools have a fantastic day as well.

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