Low Carbon Schools' Program

Sandy Pascoe

Bibra Lake Primary School has become a member of the 'Low Carbon Schools' Program'.  We are one of the two fully funded schools generously funded by the Cockburn Council.  The kind grant of $5000.00 to the school has enabled our school to join with the original 10 Fremantle schools already signed with 'Simply Carbon '; making the number of Fremantle schools 12.

The 'Planet Warriors', out Sustainability leaders will play a big role as a part of this program.  They will be involved in the collection of data throughout the school.  This data will be vital in keeping the committee 'on track' throughout the program process.  We are hoping that the school will be able to generate savings in order to provide some well needed extras for the teaching staff and student body.

The 'Low Carbon' program sits comfortably with our school and the many things our Sustainability leaders are asked to do.  Their role is both complex and 'all encompassing'.  However we find our 'Planet Warriors' are always excited when approached to 'take-on' another level of responsibility.


Sandy Pascoe,

Deputy Principal, Science and Sustainability Teacher

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