2022 Reflection

Anne Sashegyi
Bob Hawke College

It was a busy year at BHC for the Your Move program. Although we started off slow due to COVID, the Your Move Champs attended an online workshop, which kick started their Bike on T Day campaign. When restrictions relaxed, the students launched Bike on T Days and gained momentum from there. We ended 2022 with a Gold Connecting Schools grant award. We will be installing bike repair stations with the help of Your Move and the Connecting Schools Grants.

Here is a few reflections from the Year 7s and 8s:

"The bike Education Program was super fun and taught me many things about riding with the appropriate hand signals and how to change tyres and other useful skills. Overall, the program was super fun and we would love to have more people join us next year."

"The Your Move program bike on t days were a bit hectic at first because it was still new to the school and people still didn’t know about it and it was hard to start it up because the Your Move member wouldn’t turn up to run the raffle. The students didn’t like the original prize which was bubble tea so we changed it to a five dollar voucher to the canteen and that seemed to be more successful."

"The Your Move program has helped our school become more sustainable by encouraging students to ride their bike to school instead of using transport that can harm the environment. As a member of the program, we have continuously collected data from students and found ways to encourage more students to ride bikes, such as Bike On T days; and due to the program, we got invited to the Wasted Sort Meet and Greet at John Curtin College of the Arts, where we meet other schools and learnt ways that they’re being sustainable and led me to winning a bike! Your Move has also encouraged members to develop and find solutions to educate our community on bike safety and other sustainable topics such as recycling. The Your Move program has helped our school throughout the year, helping our school reaching a more sustainable level then what we started with."

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James (Your Move)

Great reflection Anne and Team 😁! I'd love to know more about the Meet and Greet at John Curtin. It sounds like an excellent way to exchange ideas with other schools - perhaps the subject of an upcoming story? You have earned 15 points for taking the time to reflect on the year and another 15 points for your (and the students') informative story details.

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