First Hands Up Survey!

Anne Sashegyi
Bob Hawke College

Bob Hawke College completed their first Hands Up Survey to collect data on our transportation habits! Initiatives will be put into place starting Term 1 2022 to reduce the students AND staff traveling in their vehicles to school.

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This is great news Anne, weve been talking to John over the past couple of years about getting you guys onboard! It'd be great to get a bit more information about how you did the survey? What software platform did you use? Have you also entered the results for each class into the Your Move HUS Survey tool?

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Thanks Trevor! We put the questions from the survey on our school Website "Compass", it has a survey capability called "Insights". So the software is already built in! However, we can also use Microsoft Forms as an easy way to survey. We have entered all the results so they should be visible now.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Anne - great to hear that you are using your inhouse technology to run the hands up survey. You have received 50 points for doing a survey at this point of the year. Once you have had a chance to consider the results and the school's circumstances and have mapped out a plan to increase active travel you can then tick off the activity "Define your issues and make a plan". You might find that running a parent survey (to ascertain their priorities and concerns) prior to this will help.

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