Ride 2 School Day - 19th March 2021

Annita Wenban

A hot and sunny day with a predication of 38 degrees Celsius, did not deter our Bramfield Park Primary students riding their bikes or scooters to school on Ride 2 School Day. It was the perfect opportunity to kick-start new healthy habits, physical activity and promote the many benefits of active travel like reducing carbon emissions and reducing parking issues around our school.

For a relatively small school we were overwhelmed with the number of students who rode to school today with smiles on their faces. Most days we have on average 14 bikes/scooters in our bike racks, but it was fantastic to see that we tripled that number with 47 students riding to school either by themselves, or with their families on Ride 2 School Day. Our bike rack was packed!

Whilst it was excellent to see over half wearing helmets (56%), most of these helmets weren’t worn correctly. It was also observed that very few scooter riders wore helmets. Our Your Move team are now on a mission to change this safety issue and promote wearing helmets correctly when riding. Stay tuned for more exciting activities at Bramfield Park.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Annita - thanks for sharing your excellent photo essay on your successful R2SD event! You have earned 40 points for the event itself, plus a bonus 10 for giving us such an engaging read. Great to hear that you tripled you normal bike/scooter usage (sharing that earned you another 10 points!). Also good to read that you are looking at how to increase helmet usage. Maybe have a look at some of the SDERA resources and consider a trip to the Constable Care Safety School later in the year?

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