From Past to Present

Nicolle Wall
Caladenia Primary School

On Friday, 19th November, the Caladenia Student Team attended the South Perth foreshore as part of their prize from the Leadership Lab workshop last term.

Students were able to go for a ride on the RAC Intellibus and learnt all about this new technology.

The bus took us along the South Perth foreshore and dropped us off at the Old Mill which was built in 1835.

We were taught about how grain was brought down the river from Fremantle or Guildford by boat and then carried along the path from Miller's Pool.

After the grain was milled into flour it was then put into 60kg sacks and carried back to the river for transport.

The students were interested to learn about past technologies and excited about the further possibillities of having a shuttle bus from the ferry to Perth Zoo.

This is the R/evolve artwork at the South Perth foreshore.

This excursion was made possible with the half day relief purchased from the Rewards shop.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Niccole - it looks like a great team bonding excursion for the students . You have earned 10 points for sharing the details of the reward day. Did the team happen to take Transperth to get to the foreshore?

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Hi James, unfortunately we weren't able to take transperth this time as I only had a half day relief from the rewards shop. We did look at that option though as I know the students loved it when we caught the bus to the Leadership Lab workshop in September.

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James (Your Move)


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