Hands Up Survey November 2020

Anne Driscoll
Caladenia Primary School

Hands Up Survey November 2020

Today, Caladenia PS completed their Hands Up survey to find out how the students travelled to school on Thursday 5th November. Out of the 811 students surveyed most students arrived by car.

When comparing the survey completed in June 2020, we can see that our results are very similar. Our goal for 2021 is to increase the number of students actively getting to school by walking or riding their scooter or bike. This would decrease the amount of cars travelling around our school during drop off and pick up times.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Anne - welcome to Your Move and congratulations for posting your first story! I'm James - I'm here to help you with any queries and to ensure you get all the points you deserve. You successfully linked your story to the associated activity ("Write your first story") and so you automatically earned 12 points. You also have automatically earned 50 points for uploading your "end of year" survey results. It is very interesting how consistent the results are, especially with the different seasons. Make sure you keep us up to date as things advance - such as when you form a student team or create a plan. See you soon!

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Thanks James, we are excited to be on board and are ready to see if we can get the kids to be more active when travelling to and from school.

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