Newsletter insert - Issue 1 Term 4

Anne Driscoll
Caladenia Primary School

Issue 1 Term 4

Caladenia Primary School included an insert in the last school newsletter to let parents know we are apart of the Your Move program.

We are following the YOUR MOVE program in school to teach students the advantages of walking/riding to school. We have over 900 students and the school was never designed to have that many students at Caladenia, so we must be very vigilant in trying to protect our students from the excess cars and traffic around the school. Please help us to help your children be safe around the school – together we can make our school very safe before, during and after school. I have noticed many more parents and students walking to school in the mornings. It is so good to see – walking is a great way of maintaining fitness but also a great way of connecting with your children for a little longer each day.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Anne - thanks for sharing your first newsletter article on Your Move. It has earned you 22 points. Great to hear that more kids have recently started walking to school.

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You can see that I was really eager to start sharing our stories with everyone. Is this the kind of stories you are after?

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James (Your Move)

This is great Anne - yes please share anything that you are doing to encourage active travel at Caladenia. Do you have a copy of the "activity list"? It will give you a good idea of the kinds of things you can do and share. It is available here:

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