Newsletter insert - October 2020

Anne Driscoll
Caladenia Primary School

Newsletter insert October 2020. This insert was included in the last newsletter from our P&C and School Board members.

Caladenia P&C committee, along with our School Board members, wish to acknowledge Phil, our school’s Gardener, for his continued efforts patrolling the Kiss and Drive zones around our school. His dedication, prioritising our children’s safety and well-being on a daily basis is greatly appreciated. Thank-you, Phil, for going above and beyond, in rain or shine. You are special to our school community.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like Caladenia PS is really lucky to have the multi-talented Phil as your gardener! Having passionate individuals, like Phil, involved can make a huge difference to Your Move. You have earned 22 points for including Your Move in a term 4 newsletter plus a bonus 10 points for giving us a lovely read!

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Thank you James. We sure are lucky to have Phil working with us at the school.

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