My non-commute

Alix Oakes

My commute to work is now 16 steps.

On the plus side it is active travel and it has absolutely no impact on the environment, but I'm also sure it's having no impact on my calorie intake of ISO biscuits either!

I work from home regularly pre-Covid so am totally sold on the benefits of working from home but I am really noticing that in the absence of commuting, there is also the absence of activity. While I enjoy not having to travel in regards to the time it takes out of my day, the instinct to move gets stronger and stronger.

So this week I am very grateful for the opportunity to accompany my children on their "commute" to school, particularly when the weather is so glorious!

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James (Your Move)

Welcome to Your Move Alix. I'm glad to hear that you are experiencing the benefits of both home working and active commuting!! So many people are saying teleworking is a really positive experience for them - I think there will be lots more of it in the future. You have earned 25 bonus points for sharing your take on "My Commute".

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Hi Alex, yes I hear you regarding the lack of movement during the day (and easy access to the pantry!). On the plus side the time saved from commuting can be devoted to walking the dog or bike riding around the neighbourhood before or after work! :)

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