Getting ready to move the Cavy!

Carol-Ann Prinsloo
Caversham Primary School

Caversham PS is starting it's Your Move journey with the help of community members, staff, students, school administration as well as staff from the Department of Transport. Your journey started with a planning day that recorded all the ideas about how we get to school, why we travel that way, what we thought about that, what we wanted to change and ideas on how to make the change.

Today Neshi, Jared, Estella and Liam met with Sam and Carol-Ann from your move and discussed about how much cars can damage the environment. We learnt that walking and cycling are the best form of transport for short trips. We have decided to form a team to convince and encourage more students to walk and cycle to school.

Our planning included Opportunities for Change as well as ideas to get the change moving. We met the next week to plan our very first activity, a student hands up survey.

Our next step is to recruit another teacher to be part of the team so we have a junior and senior teacher. We also need some parents on the team and we are going to send a message to our school P&C group as well as talk at the School Board.

We also want to make a logo for our team and we will get ideas from the new team members in 2021 so they feel part of the team. We plan to do this in the first week of school.

We are super excited to be part of the team.

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James (Your Move)

A big welcome to the YM Team at Caversham Primary! This looks like a really productive brainstorming and planning session that you had - and getting your team together has earned you 60 points! Make sure you let us know when your have created a plan for 2021 (more points for the "Define Your Issues and Make a Plan" activity). Also you will earn points for engaging volunteers from staff, the P&C and/or School Board (the "Volunteer Power" activity). I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together. For now though, I have just given you another 10 bonus points for sharing so many details of your first two meetings. See you soon!

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