On Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th June, our YOUR MOVE Student Team were lucky enough to be invited to the Millennium Kids and YOUR MOVE Leadership Lab at the Gary Holland Centre in Rockingham. The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the different sessions that were offered, and we all learnt some new things.

Cat from Millennium Kids was an inspiring and engaging presenter who had everyone on their toes and working hard for our goals. We learned how important it is to work as a team to achieve success with whatever our goals and passions might be. From the moment we arrived we were a united team working for the future of our school.

Over the course of the two days, we discussed and brainstormed issues we have at school with active transport and ideas we have for solving these in the future. In the back of our mind was the presentation that we had to do to pitch our project to the Deputy Mayor of Rockingham, Deb Hamblin. Our plans and ideas were fine-tuned as we learnt new things. Our pitch went really well, and although we didn’t win the challenge and prize pack, we came away with a plan of action for our school that we could get straight to work on.

In addition to working on our school project, we heard about the RAC Intellibus in South Perth. It’s an incredible form of transport that is driverless and runs on electricity. It uses a range of different sensors and telecommunications systems to know where it is and if there are obstacles in its way so it can react and stay safe on the road. We also heard about the Get on Board initiative presented by Transperth. We now know that we can apply for a Smart Rider and use it when we travel on the bus, train or ferry. SDERA also talked to us about safety on our roads. AS well as the information sessions we also did some fun challenges like moving a hoop around a circle and building a marshmallow tower to practice our group work and communication skills. Getting to work with students from other schools was great fun too.

We came back to school excited about what we are going to do now and in the future. We have started by designing badges for our student team and working on a plan to get “Choosedays” and “Footprint Fridays” up and running weekly with students earning rewards for using active transport on those days to start with. Hopefully, we’ll get more students doing it every day, but we’re taking one step at a time.

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James (Your Move)

Hello Sue and everyone at Charthouse - and a big welcome back for 2021 😍! Great to hear that you have formed a new team (60 points) and that you all managed to get some great planning done at the Leadership Lab sessions (50 points). Make sure you let us know once you have finalised you plans and also keep us up to date with your Choosedays and FPFs. You have also earned 20 points for putting together this epic story for your 2021 debut! See you soon 😊!

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