Making Tracks at Charthouse

Leanne Taylor

It was first suggested at a Brilliant Kids' Morning Tea (which is where two children from each classroom share morning tea with staff members, including our principal) that we create a bike track at school. The track started with chalk, in order to trial the design, before it was made permanent with paint. There have been up to 30 students wanting to use the track so we had to come up with a roster to keep it organised and safe. Each recess and lunch breaks two year levels at a time can ride on the track. All riders must have their own scooter and bike and of course a correctly fitted helmet. There is always a staff member on duty, supervising the bike track. The bike track has been very popular and regular users say that it is amazing. In the future we would love to explore the possibility of getting a grant to upgrade the track to make it look more realistic and interactive. This could include street signs, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and painting of the road.

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James (Your Move)

Judging by the slightly worn paint on the arrow, it IS very well used! Thanks for sharing this idea and how it came about. You were automatically given 20 points for linking it to the Obstacle Course activity, but I have given you another 15 for the innovation of making it a permanent course. You also got a bonus 10 for making it the story such an interesting read. Make sure you let us all know how the track develops.

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