Room 13 integrates Walk to School data into MATHS.

Leanne Taylor

After participating in a “Walk to School Day”, a student representative from Room 13 went around to each class and collected the data about how many students walked or rode their bike to school on that day. Room 13 had been learning about how to collect and represent data, so in class we then collected that data and put into a table. The students then individually created a column graph using the data we had collected.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Leanne - it's good to hear that YM isn't all just fun and games and that you have taken advantage of the curriculum links with maths - and it has earned you 15 YM points. Did the class come to any conclusions?

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This is fantastic Leanne!, maybe the students from room 13 could take this to the next level and use the websites' built in 'Hands up Survey' tool to learn how to collect and represent digital based data? :) They could then go to the 'Reports' page and really nerd out on all the data visualisations, download the spreadsheet etc?

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