We finally have a student team

Sue Ashworth

This term we have created our first ever student team for Your Move. There are fourteen Year 4 and 5 students who meet every Tuesday lunchtime. So far we are organising the Walk to school safely events. This has meant delivering posters and raffle tickets to classes, promoting the day over our lunchtime announcements and getting ready for the breakfast on Friday. We are planning to collect numbers of people who walk to school on Friday and give them raffle tickets to go into the draw for a prize from our rewards shop goodies. In the future we are planning to do blogs, organise star cards or raffle tickets for before school collections and speak with classes about Your Move. We are all really excited about this team and are looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

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Well done Sue! Creating a student team is a fantastic achievement, and involving them with event planning is not only a win for the Champion, but also is a great opportunity for the kids to get more involved in their school. I look forward to hearing how the Walk Safely to School Day goes!

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Welcome on board, CPS YM Team! What great news! We look forward to hearing about the great activities you will be planning.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like the students are really onto it! Was the story written by a student (you can get a bonus 5 points for student content)? I've linked the story to the relevant activity and that has automatically given you 60 points, plus I have given you a bonus 10 for sharing the details of all your plans.

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