Big Bike Boost gets Bike Month ideas brewing

Andrea Smithson
City of Albany

Thanks to the Your Move team for coordinating the Big Bike Boost forum this morning, it was a great opportunity to share ideas and get the ideas flowing in time for Bike Month. Some of the plans that are brewing for the City of Albany include running a 'Back on your Bike' session for staff; Ride 2 Work day breakfasts; E-bike refresher sessions; featuring a 'Ride of the Week' each week on social media; a community 'Bike Chat' session including bike demo's and coffee; getting our local schools on board...and there's still time to come up with a few more before the grants are released on Monday! Looking forward to hearing about what other Local Governments and workplaces have got up their sleeve - it already sounds like it's going to be a great Bike Month!

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James (Your Move)

Go Andrea! Are you sure coffee is a good idea with the bike chats though? You already seem to have the adrenaline flowing 😂. I really love the idea of a weekly feature ride - is that for a staff commute or more a community ride? You have earned 50 points for attending the forum and 10 points for your enthusiastic sharing of all the ideas that came out of it.

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James, coffee is ALWAYS a good idea!! The 'Ride of the Week' will be about featuring community rides, especially rides that take in some of our amazing scenery :)

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