City of Albany's low-carbon travel choices

Andrea Smithson
City of Albany

It's been hard to not be shocked/moved/inspired by the Fight for Planet A series on the ABC - and it's a good time to reflect on the work that we are doing to contribute to the goal of a lower carbon future. At the City of Albany, we have a number of different initiatives in place to support low-carbon travel for our workforce. These include: a fleet of 3 e-bikes for staff use; access to a novated lease for staff to purchase e-bikes; and end of trip facilities in most of our Council buildings. We also have 2 electric vehicles and 3 hybrid vehicles in our standard fleet. Our new staff receive a Your Move map to help plan an active transport journey to work, and carpooling and video conferencing is always encouraged.

Last but not least, we are very fortunate to have a number of cycling and walking champions on our staff, which is extremely handy!

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James (Your Move)

Well Andrea - I'm very glad you responded to our Planet A promotion. Not only did you get a 100 points reward, but it has also drawn out lots of YM activities that you have done but not yet got points for! I have just added the following - ebike pool fleet (60 points), novated lease on ebikes (60), promote active travel options to new staff (30), carpooling for business trips (25), video conferencing (15). Have a great day!

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James! Wow! A good reminder to keep sharing the stuff that we do - thanks so much :)

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Andrea, I was just wondering how many staff have leased an ebike bike via your 'novated lease on ebikes' option over the last few years?

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