Events Team utilise EBikes

Carl Beck
City of Albany

Use of the City of Albany's EBike fleet continues to grow with the bikes now popular with the Events team staff and volunteers as an effective way of getting round during events.
This Thursday morning 5 staff will be utilising the bikes while acting as marshals along the route for the Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay.
With full road closures in place along the route the EBikes have been identified as a great option for the staff to travel to and from their allocated marshalling location and also allow them to quickly travel to the final event destination in the Albany Town Square once the event has passed their location.
One of the Ebikes has even made an appearance in the official team photo.

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Kylie (Your Move)

What a great use of your EBike fleet. I love the way this activity familiarises 5 staff members with using the bikes and hopefully means they will use them again. It is also a fabulous promotional oppportunity. I hope it went well. Don't forget to update your Activities list with "Promote Travel options to new and existing staff" and "Provide Pool Bikes" so next time you post about your pool bikes you can also earn activity points.

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