Green Fair on the Square finally returns!

Andrea Smithson
City of Albany

Along with many other things, our Green Fair on the Square was put on ice in 2020 - but it was finally back on the weekend! Although it was a scaled down version, it was still a fabulous morning celebrating all things sustainability and caring for our beautiful environment. Active transport was front and centre as part of our cycling stall, which was supported by some members of our amazing local mountain bike club. They flew the Your Move flag (literally!), handed out our Albany Your Move maps, gave out coffee vouchers for people who arrived by bike, and generally promoted the active transport message. The event was really well supported by the community who were there in big numbers, and we will look forward to the Green Fair being back as a regular feature on Albany's calendar!

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James (Your Move)

This looks like a very effective alliance Andrea! Great to see the Albany community coming together again and sharing all things green and good. You have earned 25 points for getting this info out there and another 10 for giving a great Monday read!

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