Healthy Streets Forum - what is the experience of walking and cycling like for our community?

Andrea Smithson
City of Albany

It was fantastic to be able to join in a very inspiring Healthy Streets Forum this afternoon via Zoom (COVID silver lining - moving to online forums is a big win for regional people!). Lucy Saunders' presented the abridged version of the Healthy Streets approach, which was enough to sow the seed and get us thinking about how using that approach would look for us. The key takeaway message for the three City of Albany staff who attended was the switch in mindset to actually consider what the experience of riding or cycling on our streets is like for our residents? Is it a pleasant thing to do? And if it's not - no wonder people don't want to do it! Moving from accommodating pedestrians and cyclists to actually prioritizing them is a big challenge, but its definitely not unattainable. Thanks so much Lucy and the Your Move team for the opportunity, we really enjoyed it (see photo for evidence!).

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James (Your Move)

Great photo Andrea! Your reflection and positive feedback on the Forum is really valued - great to hear that it stimulated looking at things a little differently for the three of you. You have earned 50 points for attending, plus another 10 for your engaging reflection.

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