If it wasn't electric, I wouldn't wander so far...

Julie Passmore
City of Albany

Staff in the City of Albany's main administration office are slowly cottoning on to the benefits of using the fleet e-Bike. A Technical Officer in Planning & Engineering Support Anthony Svanberg is a regular user of the e-Bike, using it for work meetings and for exercise, fresh air and amazing Albany scenery during his lunch break. Anthony especially enjoys the freedom and ease of the e-Bike.

"The best thing about the electric bike is it gets you a couple of kilometres down the road in any attire in about the same time as a car - no sweat! It opens up a lot of opportunities within most people’s not sweating threshold - saves time going out in normal clothes.
"The city centre is about 1.5km from the office and is that distance where it is too far to walk to lunch or a site visit, but driving a car feels silly. If you find a short cut or are going to where parking is at a premium, you can sometimes even beat a car. The opportunities to be sociable or get “me time” are a big win."

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Hi Julie, what a great story about how the City of Albany have started using e-Bikes to get around! It sounds like the staff are starting to embrace it, and why not with scenery like that around the corner!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Julie, it was great to read Anthony's highly relatable reasons for choosing an electric bike (and to see a picture of beautiful Albany).

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