QBR to promote walking to school

Carl Beck
City of Albany

The Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay (QBR) is coming to Albany on Thursday 22nd February and providing the local TravelSmart team with another opportunity to promote how easy it is for students and parents to walk to school.

With the Albany QBR starting at St Josephs College and passing/stopping at a further 3 schools (Spencer Park Primary School, Albany Primary School and Albany Senior High School) on its 4.5km journey to the Town Square for the official community function the TravelSmart team is currently organising a Walk the Route event to happen just before the QBR.

It is hoped by encouraging community members to Walk the Route this will help to continue in promoting how easily parents and students can use the share path systems around the schools to walk or ride to school.

For participants not wanting to walk the whole distance a number of locations at parks with good parking have been selected along the route as joining points with the hope this will also help promote the Park and Walk/Ride messages the team is working with the schools on to help reduce parking congestion at the schools. Bike parking is also being promoted at the Town Square and advertised on media and advertising around the events http://www.albany.wa.gov.au/utility/events/queens-baton-relay/

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Great to see how COA is working so actively in promoting active choices! Some nice links being made across different parts of community with the shared goal of road safety & active transport. Now to just get ALL schools on board YM to further enhance the message.

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Arlene, we are currently looking ot provide some schools with the opportunity to have 2 days of fully funded Cycle Education and are making it a condition that they join YM as an incentive.

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Great proactive thinking, Carl. Again very nice work COA! Look forward to reading about the schools taking up the opportunity offered & their YM journeys.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Talk about value adding to a high-profile community event to promote active travel - love it.

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