Results In - City Staff Travel Survey

Carl Beck
City of Albany

Results of the City of Albany Staff Travel Survey conducted in December as part of an overall Health and Wellbeing survey are in and show a small increase on staff using Active Transport from 2016.

43 staff indicated that they had cycled to work in the last year with 8 riding on the day of the survey, while 12 people had walked to work during the year with 3 walking on the day of the survey.

Lack of suitable public transport options again saw only 1 person reporting having used the bus to travel to work during the year.

The increasing number of staff utilising EBikes was another noticeable increase over the year largely due to the RAC Regional EBike Trail held in Albany over the 2016/17 summer with 15 City of Albany participants, the implementation of a salary sacrifice Novated leasing program for staff and regular EBike demonstrations at City staff events.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Great to hear you have had an increase in the number of staff using active transport! Local governments are a challenging setting because they often come with free parking and work-cars. Small changes are definitely worth celebrating. As are the results of your EBike trial.

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Thanks Kylie as we always say one staff member at a time! Already had 2 more staff making enquiries with Bike shops about EBikes after yesterdays demo and another staff member booked in to get new tyres on her bike so she can start riding.

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Amy (Your Move)

Hi Julie and Carl, we have belatedly given you some additional activity points for travel survey results for this story! We are currently reviewing our stories from the year so far. Enjoy!

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