Ride2Work Day Albany Style

Julie Passmore
City of Albany

Triple the Ride2Work Day joy with healthy staff breakfasts at three different worksites! Depot staff rode to work last Wednesday (and had so much fun they forgot to take photos), yesterday was at the central Admin Building, and a breakfast will be held for Library staff early next month.

Numbers yesterday were down a little on RSVPs due to patchy rain in the morning, but 11 staff were rewarded with healthy savoury muffins and yoghurt parfait cups. Albany Mayor Dennis Wellington joined us after riding in on his e-Bike.

Creating a bit of friendly rivalry between worksites has helped to create interest - particularly among Depot staff who were keen to keep the Ride2Work title three breakfasts in a row. They even kept their total attendance a secret until yesterday's ride to the Admin Building. They look set to retain the title (with 12 participants last week) unless Library staff can top it in November.

Numbers are definitely higher when we enlist the help of a worksite champion to promote the breakfast among their own workmates. We are also grateful to the HR team who includes the breakfasts in their budget, and helps to promote in staff newsletters and emails.

We made use of leftover breakfasts by gifting them to non-riders with a verbal agreement that they do an e-Bike induction with us sometime!

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Forgot to mention that we made use of our Your Move prizes... with special enthusiasm for the Hair by Helmet compact brushes and bike locks. Adele is the proud new owner of a special orange retro Cycle Instead t-shirt which we calculate has been waiting for an owner for about 15 years. We're hoping it makes an appearance on Adele's Instagram account where she shows off her secondhand fashion finds. While technically not secondhand, it's definitely retro!

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Justine (Your Move)

Thanks for the ace update, Julie! Did you manage to get a pic of Dennis on the e-bike by any chance? Great to hear about the rivalry between work sites, and the way that this seems to be boosting motivation for riding among staff. Good to hear that the prizes were well received too :)

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Kylie (Your Move)

Some great tips here on how to make your Ride2Work breakfast sing - appeal to people's competitive spirit, ask workplace champions to promote, use our amazing Your Move prizes and get the Mayor involved.

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Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

I like the idea of using interdepartmental rivalry as a motivator! That is something we could adopt I think. It is always interesting watching the registrations for our B2WB because an individual from one department will sign up, and then a bunch of others will join in quick succession. Evidence of the power word of mouth (like having a worksite champion!) and adding a competitive element might boost that!

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Thanks for the feedback :) That is the mayor in the middle photo with his e-Bike. Unfortunately haven't got one of him riding it, but that should be easily arranged as he loves riding it. We are looking forward to seeing how the Library's Ride2Work Day goes next Wednesday!

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