The Green Team - our active transport champs!

Andrea Smithson
City of Albany

The City of Albany's Green Team are our resident active transport champions. These staff members (those in the photo and more who missed the shoot!) are spread across areas of the organisation including Planning, Sustainability, TravelSmart, Waste, Communications and the Library. This means lots of opportunities to promote, encourage and enable active transport across the City of Albany.

Here's a snapshot of some of the many ways that the Green Team have been involved in active transport: * Leading or contributing to strategies, policies and practices that support riding and walking * Organising events such as Ride 2 Work Day * Incorporating positive active transport messages into our communications with the community * Advocating for end of trip facilities at Council buildings and in the community * Working with schools to support the next generation of active transport champions * Being great active transport role models, including regular use of our fleet of e-bikes!

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James (Your Move)

Ah - the quiet achievers of the Albany Green Team! You seem to have done a great job of 'infiltrating' many sections of the City. I have given you 10 points for sharing these details of your Green Team's efforts - we may come back to you for some more details!

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