Wayfinding signs guide the way in Albany

Andrea Smithson
City of Albany

The City of Albany has started installing some fabulous new wayfinding signage at some of our most visited areas of town - for locals and visitors alike. Check our these examples from the Albany Waterfront and Stirling Terrace historical precinct, which were hives of activity over the recent long weekend. These signs complement those already installed around our Centennial Park Sporting Precinct, and are a great reinforcement for our Your Move Map! All great messages to keep walking and cycling front of mind as great ways to get around our beautiful town.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Andrea - and a big welcome back to you and your many hats for 2021! They are some super looking wayfinding signs - definitely worth the 60 points you have earned for linking your story to the relevant activity. How many signs are planned to go up in total?

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These look great, Andrea & so useful, especially to visitors! I have always found this type of signage so helpful when visiting new places.

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