Your Parklng Problems Solved

Julie Passmore
City of Albany

We recently mentioned the City of Albany Green Team's regular page in the monthly staff newsletter. Here's part of the page from July. Things we share include photos of staff "actively transporting", tips for walking or cycling, an inspirational quote or relevant fact, upcoming events or workshops and even a tabloid-style "Spotted" column (only positive active transport gossip of course!). The aim is to feature staff champions while making active transport look fun, convenient and something we can all do. Staff especially notice photos of themselves and their colleagues so we aim to include new photos of a range of people for extra attention.

The staff newsletter is prepared by the HR department but the Green Team tries to make it easier for them by laying out the page so it's ready to go and to help it stand out from all the other news. The newsletter is emailed to all staff and printed out for those who don't have access to email.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Julie, thanks for the follow up story. I've given you bonus points for laying out the steps and making it really easy for other workplaces to replicate. Normalising active transport and spelling out how convenient it can be is such a key component to changing people's behavior. This is a great ongoing initiative.

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