Bike Bonanza

Kirsten Beckingham
City of Armadale

As part of #WABikeMonth the City of Armadale, in collaboration with Dismantle, Armadale District Police, Department of Transport and WestCycle were able to deliver a great bike workshop last week. Participants learnt how to change a tyre and look for leaks/punctures, change a chain and, repair breaks. The City's Health team also provided smoothies and some participants even got to bring a free bike, helmet and bike lock home.

The children who participated in the event went away with the skills to repair and service their own bikes. Some even received free bike D-locks that were purchased from local bike business, Kelmscott Foothills Cycles.
By having the skills to look after their own bikes as well as being provided with a mechanism to ensure the safety of their bikes when riding around the City of Armadale, participants left with more confidence regarding bike maintenance, servicing and safety than they had at the beginning of the workshop.

City of Armadale has a high number of bike thefts which often discourages people from riding to different locations and leaving their bike unattended at bike racks. By providing participants with a free bike D-lock, this will hopefully remove this barrier and encourage participants to continue riding within the City.
The City worked with the Armadale District Police to source bikes to use for the workshop. Local police were able to provide 8 unclaimed bikes that were marked to be destroyed as well as approximately 30 brand new helmets. As a result, several participants who did not have a bike at home were able to take a bike home, along with a helmet and bike lock.
A great result from this event was two of the children who participated had both recently had their bikes stolen on separate, unrelated occasions. When I was able to tell both children they could take home the bike they were working on as well as a bike helmet and bike lock, they were very excited. The two children also mentioned they ‘wouldn’t have to walk home’ now as they had a new mode of transport.

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James (Your Move)

That must have been so satisfying and heart-warming Kirsten, to see those 2 children heading off with the 'new' bikes they had worked on. This is an excellent collaborative effort you have coordinated - and it has earned you 50 points! I have also given you a 20 points bonus for your extensive and engaging writeup.

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