BikeRescue workshops @ John Dunn Challenge Park

Kirsten Beckingham
City of Armadale

In 2019, the Community Services Department took a new approach to Community Development, opting for a focus on social priorities identified at suburb level, to be evaluated and reassigned every two years via community engagement and data analysis. Youth Engagement and Education was identified as a Social Priority within the Camillo Suburb through the Growing Our Community survey.

The Growing Our Community survey received 80 responses from young people. The survey asked residents of the City of Armadale what they thought was the biggest social issue in their suburb. The results identified that the top issues for young people living in Armadale are crime, antisocial behaviour and cybercrime; alcohol and other drug use; bullying; homelessness and unemployment; lack of education opportunities; lack of youth activities, services and events; loneliness; environmental issues; and discrimination and racism. In the City of Armadale, youth disengagement is at 27.3% with an additional 14.3% being partially engaged.

On 27 and 28 September 2022, Dismantle hosted two pop up BikeRescue workshops at the John Dunn Challenge Park. The two workshops enabled young people between 12 – 18 years of age to come and learn how to fix up their bikes. A total of 12 people attended for formal learning while 10 others popped by for a quick check up. 10 D-Locks were provided to the young people in attendance to enjoy. The young people were very grateful to be provided with the locks so they could keep their bikes safe!

The BikeRescue workshops increased positive engagement and feelings of safety between the challenge park users, an increased awareness of what the Dismantle Youth Mentors do and participants walked away with new skills to fix their bikes.

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James (Your Move)

Absolutely brilliant Kirsten! You have done a great job of tackling the issues that concern your community through the joy of bikes 🚲. I like how you combined the workshops with the pop-up quick fixes. You have earned 50 points for each of these elements and another 20 points for your detailed and engaging story. Have a super-duper week 😁!

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