Whereabouts Skateboarding Clinics

Kirsten Beckingham
City of Armadale

In 2019, the Community Services Department took a new approach to Community Development, opting for a focus on social priorities identified at suburb level, to be evaluated and reassigned every three years via community engagement and data analysis. Youth Engagement and Education was identified as a Social Priority within the Camillo Suburb through the Growing Our Community survey.

The Growing Our Community survey received 80 responses from young people. The survey asked residents of the City of Armadale what they thought was the biggest social issue in their suburb. The results identified that the top issues for young people living in Armadale are crime, antisocial behaviour and cybercrime; alcohol and other drug use; bullying; homelessness and unemployment; lack of education opportunities; lack of youth activities, services and events; loneliness; environmental issues; and discrimination and racism. In the City of Armadale, youth disengagement is at 27.3% with an additional 14.3% being partially engaged.

In response to these concerns, the City employed the services of Whereabouts Skateboarding to deliver three skate clinics across the City of Armadale. The first of the clinics took place on 20 December 2022 at Gwynne Park Skate Park, the second on 13 January 2023 at Roleystone Skate Park and the third on 20 January 2023 at Armadale Youth Activity Area. In total, 24 young people attended the skate clinics with some of those already being experienced skaters.

Skateboarding encourages commitment, responsibility, bravery, self-confidence, friendships, coordination or balance and determination. Skateboarding provides opportunities to increase feelings of community where skaters look after each other.

By holding skate clinics in Armadale, Roleystone and Gwynne Park we encouraged skaters to start conversations with each other and develop a sense of comradery. The aim of the clinics were to increase feelings of safety within the area.

Attendees were provided D-Locks and Your Move water bottles to enjoy after the skating clinics. Though, D-Locks are not used for skateboards, many participants who skate also have a bike, which D-Locks can be used for.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back for 2023, Kirsten 😁. Great to hear how the City of Armadale has responded to youth opinion by offering these skateboarding sessions. Skateboard is an important mode of active travel so you have earned 50 for these sessions (plus a bonus 30 for it being 3 clinics across the City). You have also earned 20 points for your detailed outline of the events and the background to it all.

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