River Bike Ride

Jennie Arts
City of Bayswater

The City of Bayswater has teamed up with the Department of Transport for a family friendly bike ride commencing at Bardon Park as part of bike month on Saturday morning 22 October 2022.

As part of this event we will have two routes, catering for young and old, with the furthest route looping around Riverside Gardens and back. During the ride, participants will need to find photo clues and answer questions that can win them prizes.

At the start Mascot Constable Care will provide safety information and participants can have their bike checked to ensure all will benefit from a safe and enjoyable ride.

The River Bike Ride event commences at 08:30am (with the ride starting at 09:15am) and will have hidden picture clues and tasks during the route. This means that riders will need to keep an eye out for the environment and City attractions along the way.

Our River Bike Ride will conclude at 11.30am. When returning to Bardon Park participants will still have ample opportunity to have their bike checked, learn from Mascot Constable Care and meet Ranger Roy. As this is a catered event, our participants can top up their energy levels by having a nibble and drink from the delicious food truck onsite.

A City representative will then announce the winner of the treasure hunt and other spot prize winners, provide information on the status of the City's new Bike Plan

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the update of your plans for the River Bike Ride, Jennie 😊. Did you know that, although normally we only reward activitities after they have occured, each quarter you can earn 15 points for any planning sessions you have had? Hence, you have just earned those 15 points for the plans you have put in place here for your big day. You have also earned 40 points for applying for the Bike Month grant, and another 10 points for all the details you have shared. You now have a total of 73 points that you can spend in our 'Rewards Shop' on items to distribute on the day 🥳.

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