2021 Pledge - City of Belmont

Crawford Connell
City of Belmont

The City of Belmont is pledging to offer all our primary schools a free trip to the Constable Care Safety School in Maylands.

Children who attend this fantastic facility they are provided a hands-on opportunity to learn vital pedestrian, bicycle and public transport travel safety skills. There is age specific content for children aged from 4-12 years. If you haven't seen what is on offer at the facility you really need to visit their info page www.cccsf.org.au/safety-school

A session for around 60 kids and a bus to get everyone there costs around $1000. By all accounts this is money very well spent :)

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James (Your Move)

A big high-5 Crawford - I'm so happy to see you back on the block! This is a ripper of a pledge. Fantastic to see City of Belmont supporting this excellent initiative. Here at Your Move we absolutely love the facilities and program at the Constable Care Safety School, so we are very happy to hear that all your schools will get to experience this next year. You have just earned 25 points for sharing this pledge.

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Kylie (Your Move)

What a fantastic initiative. I hope you get a big take up from the schools.

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