Belmont Bike Month Breakfast

Crawford Connell
City of Belmont

The City of Belmont Bike Month campaign was opened on 22 October with our most successful and longest running community bike event, the Belmont Bike Breakfast.

With the hit and miss weather in October we were lucky that event day was the best weather of the week. Held in a fantastic riverfront location right off the PSP it encourages a wide range of people to attend including general community, new and occasional riders, families, seniors, serious group riders and commuters. Best estimate came it at 180 attendees.

While you the most important breakfast provision is probably great food and good coffee, we also welcomed along the Bike Dr and some bike valet parking thanks to our local Mens Shed group which helped make the event.

The location has proven that all participants access this event by bike. Breakfast events allow people to take some time to stop in and get off their bike for a while. Having a drink and food available encourages like minded people to interact and have a chat. Bike Month events are also at the right time of year to encourage some less frequent riders back onto their bikes to enjoy the weather of the changing season.

Maybe next year we could try to have a bigger bike valet parking enclosure as peak hour got a bit hectic and also some more tables and chairs for people to sit and eat at.

Thanks for Department of Transport, Westcycle and Bike Month for support to run this event.

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James (Your Move)

Another great event Crawford! Can't believe you've been keeping all this stuff to yourself 😉. I like how you have chosen the location specifically to keep it focused on cyclists - it sounds an effective way to deal with a common issue. You have earned 40 points for your breakfast, 50 for having Bike Dr in, 40 points for accessing a Bike Month grant and 30 points for another detailed story (thanks again for the participation numbers and lessons learned!). Did you also get a separate grant for the community ride in your other story?

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Hi James, yes this location is great for capturing people on bikes. It is really hidden away. When you are down there enjoyiong the river you can easily forget there is a 6 lane raod running flat out just 50m away. Thank you for the points :) Also yes the Community Ride was also a Bike Month Grant.

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James (Your Move)

😊 - Ok I'll update the Community Ride story too then!

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