Bike Month in Belmont 2020

Crawford Connell
City of Belmont

Bike Month 2020 in the City of Belmont was celebrated over three weekends in October. Having a bit more time to work with compared to 'Bike Week' meant a little more opportunity without the schedule getting too hectic.

Bike Breakfast - our biggest annual bike related event migrated to October from March. Nice early morning right on the Swan River and just off the Graham Farmer PSP. Great coffee and a yummy hot breakfast for around 180 people. While the BikeDr pop fixed a few squeaks and creaks, no bike parking was delivered so the planned bike valet was a bit of a struggle.

Rusty Riders and bike checks - this time a session for some out of practice bike riders looking to gain a little more confidence. The same location provided a chance to get some rusty bikes checked over too. While a pretty low number event it really targets interested people to get some confidence back and get back on those bikes. Defiantly offer fully functional bikes for people to borrow to make sure there is nothing holding people back.

Cycle Through the City - for event day we set out a few route options, planned some interactive activities at four key parks and had some fun fact signs for about 10 other locations. Participants could either have a self guided experience or attend a guided ride session with a cycling coach. The routes explored some of some lesser known places, back streets and scenic highlights. Our target was really the recreational rider as a full loop would only have clocked up about 18km. Being a bit of a first for this event there are defiantly some lesson learned for next time. In essence make every element of the event a whole lot simpler. Just one route, one start time and a simpler way of setting out the route. While we had an online map for the routes - getting these onto a platform like Google maps would have been the best user experience.

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James (Your Move)

Ah - Crawford, the quiet achiever! - Thanks for sharing your events from Bike Month and particularly the lessons learned from each activity. I had heard good things about the breakfast event on the grapevine so I have been looking forward to reading your post. It sounds like the combination of your three events was a good recipe for engaging those who need a little encouragement to get back on the bike. You earned 40 points for your breakie event, 50 for your Rusty Riders sessions and another 50 for your Bike Dr tune ups. On top of that you earned 20 points for your big update, 10 for your reflections and 5 for sharing your participation numbers. Have a great break and I hope to see you back in early 2021!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Like James I always find the reflections on lessons learned really interesting and helpful. Bummer that the bike parking wasn't delivered - I've got a list of suppliers somewhere if you would like me to send it through?

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Hi James and Kylie, Thanks for the feedback and generous points allocation. I am fine for a supplier list at the moment :)

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