New Access Guide for City of Belmont

Crawford Connell
City of Belmont

With some recent and significant changes around our town centre, the time to create a new access guide for our visitors has arrived.

The main driver is Belmont Hub, a modern multi-purpose community building that has been created adjacent to the City's existing Admin building in Cloverdale. The facility features a new library, seniors centre, museum and dedicated space for community service organisations. Such a new and exciting facility serves many purposes has people traveling from far and wide and often for the first time.

The City has recently updated our Map Your Move guide which is one element. However, in addition we think an Access Guide would help us to have the best information on alternative transport options possible for our key facilities.

We look forward to working with the Your Move team to create a simple but effective access guide that will bring lots of benefits.

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James (Your Move)

Whoah - that is some pretty striking architecture for the Hub Crawford - thanks for sharing those images of all the new buildings you have been talking about this year, it is great to have that context. Great to hear that this is catalysed thinking about a workplace access guide too - make sure you keep us in the loop on that. For now though you have earned 50 points for your update to the "Map Your Move" community access guide.

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I agree with James, what an amazing looking building! .. and great pics (they almost dont look like real photos .. but like artist impressions!) Were looking forward to helping you create a bespoke Workplace Access Guide that the community can also use. Crawford, you can unlock that baby in the Rewards store now as these stories have smashed you past the 500 points required. Well done!!

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Impressive huh ... No surprise these are pro photos not my own happy snaps. I will also do a story on the end of trip facilities when the time is right. Keen to get started Trevor I have just placed the order for the Acess Guide in the rewards shop !! :) For anyone else interested in taking a look the new library and museam facilites are state of the art and worth a trip to Belmont to have a look - Hang tight though the new Access Guide will be availabel soon to help you ride or catch the bus.

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