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Kim Byrnes
City of Canning

City Centre to Curtin University - new shared path

As part of the City of Canning’s adopted Cycling and Walking Plan, the City is constructing a one kilometre section of a new cycling route between the Canning City Centre and Curtin University via Bentley - Route 1. This work is jointly funded by the City and Department of Transport

Route 1 is the first of five routes that will be rolled out over the next 10 years. It will be an off-road, shared path for bikes and pedestrian and will connect the City Centre and Curtin University.

Starting at the Mills Street and Doust Street intersection in Cannington, Route1 ends at the Aide Court and Hayman Road intersection in Bentley. It passes a rail station, Santa Clara Primary School, Bentley Primary School, Al-Hidayah Islamic School, Bentley 360 – a development that is expected to have 1,650 new dwellings, shops and sports areas.

Route 1 extends beyond the City’s boundaries and will connect with a cycle path being built by the Town of Victoria Park.

Construction of Route 1 started in February 2020 and is expected to be finished in June 2020.


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Kim Byrnes
City of Canning

Changing Your World Conference & Fair

The City of Canning is hosting a Sustainability Conference and Community Fair on 6-7 March 2020. Over two days, participants will get up close with cutting edge technologies, connect with emerging innovators in sustainability and experience the next big ideas that will re-imagine the future for our community and the environment. Join us and get involved as a speaker or presenter, showcase your sustainable product or service, host an information or food stall at the fair or be a Changing Your World Sponsor or Partner. Expressions of interest close on Friday 29 November. Find out more at

The Conference and Fair themes reflect the City's Sustainability Policy commitments around integrated sustainability:

1. Carbon Reduction and Energy Transformation

2. Circular Economy

3. Sustainable Transport

4. Community Capital and Social Impact

5. Water Sensitivity and Literacy

7 Innovation and Leadership

8. Local Economy and Sustainable Businesses

9. A Healthy and Safe City

10. Sustainable Development, Planning and Infrastructure.

Canning Conf.jpg

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Kim Byrnes
City of Canning

Electric Vehicles in bloom at Canning

The City of Canning has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability and welcomed two new Renault Zoe Electric Vehicles into its fleet as part of an ongoing commitment to reducing dependence on fossil fuels and support the uptake of electric vehicles.

The two electric vehicles have been wrapped with imagery of plants and animals, illustrated by Perth-artist Jade Foo. The flora and fauna displayed on the vehicles are all Australian native flora and fauna include bobtails, red tail black cockatoos, magpies, motorbike frogs, galahs, numbats, possums, oblong turtles and kangaroos plus bottle brush, wattle, kangaroo paw, banksias and other local flora.

The City’s new electric vehicles will not be missed when out on the road, so keep an eye out around Canning for the two brightly coloured cars.

Everyone can do their bit when it comes to sustainability, from participating in initiatives, picking up litter around the neighbourhood or choosing to walk or ride bikes to the local shops instead of driving.

To learn more about the City’s sustainability initiatives and how you can live more sustainability head to

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Kylie Wrigley
City of Canning

Bike Maintenance Made Even Easier

Bike repair station Signage - Canning.jpg

The new bike repair stations in the City of Canning have some handy tools and gadgets to help every one get on their bike. But we realised for the folks who aren't bike repair pros they may not know where to start. The solution was easy - provide signage and information.

The spaces however were not so easy. Bike repair stations often aren't near walls and erecting a sign could be visually unappealing and expensive. So we opted for these on ground signs. They are sturdy, textured, weather proof and we expect them to last up to two years.

Bike Repair Station Signace - Canning.PNG

Thanks to Your Move for making the artwork available to Canning and allowing us to our points to pay for one of the signs.

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Kylie Wrigley
City of Canning

Bike Maintenance Workshop

Inspired by Ride to work day we are hosting two workshops to encourage people to chose a more active and environmentally friendly way of traveling.

Commute by bike talk - 14 October, 10am at Canning River Eco Education Centre

Commute by bike talk - This talk will aims to help the more hesitant among us to overcome your concerns and answer your questions. By the end you will know how to set-up and use a bike to commute safely, effectively (as a real alternative to at least some car use) and enjoyably. The talk will cover a bit on children commuting safely to school too.

Bike maintenance workshop - 18 October, 6pm at Cannington leisureplex/library meeting room

Bike maintenance workshop - For the keen cyclists who won't want to let flat tires and broken chains get in your way of having an active lifestyle. BYO Bike, tarp and any bike pump/tools you already have - You'll be able to find out if these are ideal and get recommendations on what works best so after the workshop you can go out and get the best.


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Kylie Wrigley
City of Canning

Walking and Cycling Plan


The City has completed the draft Cycling and Walking Plan to deliver the vision of transforming the City into a more bicycle and walking friendly environment.

In 2016 we engaged the community and stakeholders to understand current cycling and walking habits, opinions and concerns. This information helped shape the draft Cycling and Walking Plan. We would like to know if we have got it right.

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Kylie Wrigley
City of Canning

Corporate Bikes

This story is related to Provide pool bikes

In order to deliver on these strategies staff have access to corporate bikes for commuting to and from work and for business trips. There are 3 bikes in the admin building and 5 more at other facilities.

Staff can book these out for work trips using the shared calendar booking system, locks and helmets provided!


They are also perfect for a lunch time cycle along the beautiful Canning River!

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Kylie Wrigley
City of Canning

Corporate Smart Riders

Staff are encouraged to use public transport for meetings and site visits and are allowed to use the communal corporate smart riders to do so.

To find out more about the City of Canning's TravelSmart Workplace program click on the link

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