Bike Maintenance Made Even Easier

Kylie Wrigley
City of Canning

The new bike repair stations in the City of Canning have some handy tools and gadgets to help every one get on their bike. But we realised for the folks who aren't bike repair pros they may not know where to start. The solution was easy - provide signage and information.

The spaces however were not so easy. Bike repair stations often aren't near walls and erecting a sign could be visually unappealing and expensive. So we opted for these on ground signs. They are sturdy, textured, weather proof and we expect them to last up to two years.

Thanks to Your Move for making the artwork available to Canning and allowing us to our points to pay for one of the signs.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Kylie, Great to see the sign in-situ. Hopefully, they will provide people with the confidence 'to get fixing.' These signs will be up in the shop and available for 'purchase' within the next week.

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