Bike Maintenance Workshop

Kylie Wrigley
City of Canning

Inspired by Ride to work day we are hosting two workshops to encourage people to chose a more active and environmentally friendly way of traveling.

Commute by bike talk - 14 October, 10am at Canning River Eco Education Centre

Commute by bike talk - This talk will aims to help the more hesitant among us to overcome your concerns and answer your questions. By the end you will know how to set-up and use a bike to commute safely, effectively (as a real alternative to at least some car use) and enjoyably. The talk will cover a bit on children commuting safely to school too.

Bike maintenance workshop - 18 October, 6pm at Cannington leisureplex/library meeting room

Bike maintenance workshop - For the keen cyclists who won't want to let flat tires and broken chains get in your way of having an active lifestyle. BYO Bike, tarp and any bike pump/tools you already have - You'll be able to find out if these are ideal and get recommendations on what works best so after the workshop you can go out and get the best.

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Kylie (Your Move)

These workshops sound like a great way to overcome some of the barriers that stop people riding their bikes. Are the workshops being run by City of Canning staff or are you using a provider? Also we would be super keen to hear how the go come October.

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We are using a provider but have staff from Sustainability, Community safety and clubs development promoting and supporting the workshops to 1) encourage them to attend and 2) take up other city incentives such as bike ID kits and use of the repair stations and 3) I will be encouraging cycling groups to consider using community grant funding to run similar workshops in their community in the future.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Wow, that sounds like a very comprehensive and integrated approach!

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