City Centre to Curtin University - new shared path

Kim Byrnes
City of Canning

As part of the City of Canning’s adopted Cycling and Walking Plan, the City is constructing a one kilometre section of a new cycling route between the Canning City Centre and Curtin University via Bentley - Route 1. This work is jointly funded by the City and Department of Transport

Route 1 is the first of five routes that will be rolled out over the next 10 years. It will be an off-road, shared path for bikes and pedestrian and will connect the City Centre and Curtin University.

Starting at the Mills Street and Doust Street intersection in Cannington, Route1 ends at the Aide Court and Hayman Road intersection in Bentley. It passes a rail station, Santa Clara Primary School, Bentley Primary School, Al-Hidayah Islamic School, Bentley 360 – a development that is expected to have 1,650 new dwellings, shops and sports areas.

Route 1 extends beyond the City’s boundaries and will connect with a cycle path being built by the Town of Victoria Park.

Construction of Route 1 started in February 2020 and is expected to be finished in June 2020.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kim - and a BIG welcome back to Your Move for 2020! Great to hear that this new route is nearing completion. For this story I have given you a 10 point bonus for all the details. Are you planning to have an event to launch the new path when complete? If you do, make sure you let us know so I can give you points for that. Likewise for any media coverage you might get. I'll be staying tuned for more City of Canning updates!

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Hi James. The Team responsible for our Cycling and Walking Plan have loads of ideas and will be organising Wayfinding signs. I will post updates as we progress to completion and launch.

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