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Sam Jamieson
City of Canning

The City of Canning YM Project Team has been meeting monthly to help direct the Your Move project at Canning and help generate some stellar ideas.

The group initially formed after our launch event and travel survey late last year. After discussing the results and voting on what steps to take next the group was supposed to settle into a steady format - a quick update before trialling one of the event/initiatives we were going to be promoting to staff. This started out with a simple walking meeting.

Unfortunately, as with most things recently, COVID had different plans. New work from home patterns, while great for the commute, made it hard to met in person. None the less we've been meeting regularly and discussing the project.

Having a team made up of a range of officers from across the City is a great way to get insights from different perspectives and often helps un-pick a problem quicker thanks to the shared knowledge and staff connections we all bring.

Next step is to convince our members to test out our new offerings and become our Canning Commuter Champions. These staff will these initiatives to their colleagues and be relatable role models for staff more generally.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sam - and welcome back to everyone at City of Canning 😁. Getting a Your Move Working group together is an excellent step and it has earned you 50 points! You have also earned 10 points for sharing the details of what the group has been up to and the issues you have faced. I look forward to hearing more about the ideas generated when conditions improve 😃.

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