(Internal) Media Blitz

Sam Jamieson
City of Canning

In order to raise the profile of Your Move at the City of Canning we have planned a media blitz for the next couple of months. We hope to promote the initiatives already on offer to staff and create more interest in active travel going into Bike Month this october.

This week saw the launch of our Your Move desktop backgrounds which will be displayed on all computers in the City. Several designs were made with messages that promote active travel. The current background directs staff to our internal intranet page. Future backgrounds will focus on money saved, impact of the environment and time saved.

We have also booked out a couple of regular spots in our internal newsletter - In the Can. This month we had a piece on the City e-bikes and another on a short survey we are conducting around how staff use fleet vehicles. Staff have been asked how they usually travel for business trips and how they would like to travel. We've only had a few responses so far but it seems most staff want to ditch their private vehicles for e-cars or e-bikes which is great to hear!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sam! Great to read about the newsletter blitz rolling out in this quarter - that has earned you 25 points. It is good news that staff are keen on using the e-bikes for work trips. You have also earned 30 points for having an Active Travel page on your intranet, and 15 bonus points for the innovative idea of linking it to your new screen backgrounds. Have a wonderful week 😁.

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