Investigating Staff Travel

Sam Jamieson
City of Canning

Over the last few months we have heard from some staff that they often use their private vehicles for work trips. This makes it difficult for the City to manage the safety of the staff and sustainability as we do not know what vehicles staff are using. With two e-bikes, two e-cars and a range of pool vehicles we'd obviously like staff to use these instead!

We decided to investigate a little to see if this was an isolated issue or common theme and to help inform how to respond. Over 60 staff answered our 4 part staff travel survey and the results were very interesting!

Over half of respondents reporting using their private vehicle for work trips. Encouragingly 80% of those staff wanted to change how they travel. This is clearly a good opportunity for us to promote our hierarchy of alternatives (walk, ride, PT, e-car, drive in that order!) and make a case for increased fleet vehicles. Many of these staff worked at satellite offices that have less vehicles available so we will need to think about this futher.

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James (Your Move)

Wow - 50% is very high, I can see why you want to address this. Great too that so many want to change this behaviour. I look forward to seeing how the City follows up on these findings. You have earned 25 points for doing this investigation and 10 for your sharing the details of the results.

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