Meet Glen - E-bike Hero

Sam Jamieson
City of Canning

Glen is the first of our Canning Commuter Champions. After trying out our new e-bikes for the short trip from our Admin Building to Depot Glen was a happy man and even more happy to evangelise about the benefits of e-bikes!

We will be using this video in a regular spot in our internal newsletter to promote our new e-bike fleet and encourage all staff to try them out.


We've already had some interest and are currently looking for safe storage spots at different offices so we can do an e-bike tour.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sam - great to hear that Glen is out there spruiking the e-bikes! Let us know when the newsletter goes out and you can earn some points for the "Promote Bike Facilities" activity. Unfortunately the YouTube video doesn't seem to be working at the moment, but you have earned 10 points for sharing Glen's story and your promotional plans. Oh - don't forget too to give us an update on your e-bike tour when it goes ahead!

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Hi James, not sure why it doesn't work but I've added in the link now. I'm sure Glen would have preferred it when it didn't work! Sam

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James (Your Move)

😊 nice one! I'll ask Trev to take a look at why the video won't embed.

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