Staff Led Ride

Sam Jamieson
City of Canning

As part of survey carried out way back in October 2021 a staff member suggested we organised led rides to places relevant to teams e.g. drainage sites for engineers. This idea has been slowly bubbling away under the surface for a year and last week we finally got staff out on their bikes for a group ride.

To broaden the appeal the focus was moved from drainage to a variety of projects taking place in one local neighbourhood with involved staff members giving a brief overview at each stop and answering any questions.
- Gibbs Street Safe Active Street
- Queens Park Primary School wayfinding and walkability improvements
- Community engagement and mural at Queens Park Reserve

The ride was a leisurely 6km and was a fantastic way to get staff trying cycling (including using City Ebikes) and to highlight how easy it is to access local areas by bike. Visiting local projects made the ride interesting and also forced those project owners to be involved in the ride which was great!

People on Bikes were employed to plan the route, risk assess a route and then guide us on the way.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Sam! Great to see that, once again, Canning staff are tougher than a few clouds and rain drops 😁. It looks like a great success, but I don't understand why drainage was not of great appeal 🤣 - tourists pay good money to descend into the sewers of Paris! Why not Canning too? You have earned 40 points for this staff bike ride and 10 for your engaging story. It is particular interesting to read the People on Bicycles offer this service too.

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