Bike Dr Australia Day

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

The Bike Dr is coming to Coogee Beach from 8 - 10am for the Australia Day Celebrations Friday 26 January 2018. They will be available to check all types of bicycles and scooters for free. This is a great time to get help to take those trainer wheels off, get help with a flat tyre or help with sticking gears. Bring the whole family. Cockburn staff, residents and visitors are welcome. We just want more people out riding and enjoying our paths by bike.

Join the Cockburn Bicycle User Group and you will find out more places where the Bike Dr, BikeWise and People on Bicycles will be in 2018.

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What a great initiative tying this in with another great community event. Lots of community benefits here 🕺

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Thanks Zarin. I find staff are often too busy to attend bike events during the work week. I encourage them to come along on the weekend or holidays to events that we organise and to bring their families with them. Bike riding can then become a family activitiy as well as a way to get around.

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