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Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Since trialling my first Bike Share Bike in Melbourne back in 2009 I have tried several Bike Share schemes around the world and saw some of the schemes that work and some of those that have failed.

I am keen to have an effective Bike Share scheme in our local area, so I attended the Bike Share Masterclass by Dr Elliot Fishman at the Department of Transport yesterday, along with a likeminded colleague from the City of Cockburn and many others who also can see the benefits of Bike Share.

This is the first step. I will share information from the Masterclass to others at work. I will also visit the City of Joondalup and activate their Urbi Bike Share more with colleagues and friends. Just attending the Masterclass does not make it happen. Just saying the words does not make it happen.

Planning and taking action can help it happen. Talking about Bike Share can help enthuse more people. You need more people to talk about it, use it and want it to make it happen. Saying the words may help it happen, if more people give it a go. Bike Share Bike Share Bike Share. 

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Amy (Your Move)

It's fantastic to see your passion for Bike Share, Jillian! You received 50 points for attending professional development. Keep us posted with how you go planning and taking action for bike share in your area.

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Justine (Your Move)

Hey Jillian, great to hear about your bike share plans for Cockburn :)

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Kylie (Your Move)

After attending the Master Class do you think a docked or dockless system would work best in Cockburn?

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All together now "Bike share!". Come up to Joondalup and give urbi a whirl.

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