Building the Momentum

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Sharing the love by giving away free merchandise to people who walk, ride or use public transport is something that I have done for years.

When we moved buildings last year I discovered merchandise I never knew I had. One of the items were lightweight waterproof jackets with a City of Cockburn wetlands to waves TravelSmart Program logo. I had many jackets so I rewarded people in my work area with a jacket, as well as my Directors, Councillors and people who rode to work. Jackets were only given to those that wanted them and distributed slowly over a period of a few months, so they were given to individuals and valued.

I found that many people appreciated the jackets and other merchandise as well as advice and support. The merchandise creates an opportunity for further discussion and feedback such as these comments which helped to make my day and motivate me more.

‘I really appreciate all that you do to keep the bike riding community at the City informed and engaged. And thank you for the jacket (when it arrives).’

‘Thank you again for your kind support. You are doing a great job of promoting the City’s bike and public transport options.’

It is a joy to see the staff using the jackets and promoting the TravelSmart ethos when they are on their way out to meetings as well as by just having the jackets in the workplace ready for the next light shower, next to our corporate orange City of Cockburn bike helmets.

I invited more people to join me at the next forum so we can build the momentum at our workplace and invited others to join our Your Move team. I hope this helps to slowly grow our team.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Jillian, Great work buildign support in your workplace for Your Move. You've got some great tips in there - reward behaviour, engage in coverstations and encourage other staff to come along to our forums to build enthusiasm. Looking forward to catching up on Wednesday and meeting some of your Cockburn colleagues.

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Thanks Kylie - I am also having some conversations with staff on how to get to the forum. I am encouraging staff to use smartriders rather than carpooling if they can. It is so convenient going by train to the city and avoiding all the driving and parking hassles.

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