CoBug (Cockburn Bicycle User Group)

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

CoBug (Cockburn Bicycle User Group) is a co-operative, collaborative, community Bicycle User Group in the City of Cockburn and consists of local residents, staff members and others that ride or are interested in riding a bicycle in the local area. The group started many years ago but became more active in 2016 when I joined the group.

The aim of CoBug is to:
• Normalise bike riding to work, to school, to the train station/shops or for recreation.
• Increase the number of people on bicycles (from 8-80) riding on safe, connected and attractive bike paths within the local area.
• Encourage more people to be interested in starting to riding bikes or finding new places to ride in the area.
• Provide information to the City of Cockburn staff and residents, Main Roads, the Department of Transport, consultants and developers so that best practice bike paths are developed and existing routes are maintained or improved.
• Encourage bike skills training and bike maintenance sessions to be held in the area.
• Encourage informal social rides for everyday riders visiting places of interest, artwork, parks, cafes and beaches within and around the City of Cockburn.
• Promote to individuals, workplaces and schools.
• Promote the Department of Transport's online hazard report form for reporting any hazards on paths or roads.
• Connect to interested local bike shops, bike mechanics and bike friendly cafes.

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Jillian, the best kind of bug to have & what a great community vehicle (2-wheeled of course!)

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Thanks Arlene - the bike riders BUG others to join too. I have a BUG where I live and a BUG where I work. It is a great way to connect to likeminded people in the community.

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Kylie (Your Move)

I love a BUG with aims! And CoBugs aims seem practical, acheivable and useful. I look forward to hearing what you get up to.

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Thanks Kylie. We will be organising some events soon, so people can join us and join the BUG. We love bugging others to get on their bike and join us.

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