It is worth winning Your Move Awards

Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

It was an honour to be recognised as a Your Move Local Government Champion as well as to obtain the Local Government Innovate Award for the City of Cockburn for the Moon Deck glow in the dark project we implemented this year. There are so many people doing so much in this space, only a few are lucky enough to get the awards but there are so many people out there making a difference every day in the filed of active and sustainable transport.

It takes years before behaviour change occurs in a significant way. It is a pleasure to see the changes happening now and to see so many people collaborating and making it happen. So many people are positively influencing the travel behaviours of others. For more information about some of the champions see

I feel lucky to have found my current dream job where my passion for active transport is appreciated and I am able to make a difference and help more people be able to walk, ride or use public transport. Attending the Your Move Awards ceremony with my Mayor, CEO and Director ensured that they saw all the wonderful work that everyone is doing and has made them even more supportive of the work that I am doing.

Winning Your Move Awards has an ongoing effect as it not only encourages me to keep doing what I do but also encourages others to consider how they travel as it gives recognition to the overall active transport program within my organisation and local community.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Champ! whilst we don't have any activity points for Your Move Award winners I have given you some bonus points for the media coverage and internal advocacy. Have a great weekend and thanks for being such a champion for active transport.

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Thanks Kylie :)

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